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Originally discussed in a back seat (on the way home from a craft beer festival), the business model has been fine-tuned into the community hub it has become! Our core values are evident in the importance of friends, family and community. That is the very fabric in which everything is built on, it’s just who we are! 

Starting a small family business during a global pandemic has taught us patience and understanding. If there is a delay, it happens for a reason. We strongly feel building relationships (over a few pints) based on trust and integrity is the only way through. Every step of the way local workers, materials and companies have been our cornerstone and there are many individuals we want to thank who made our dream possible! We look forward to contributing to the Brookswood and Greater Langley Community and strive to continue building on those early first steps.

Our Head Brewer and team only use quality ingredients aspiring to make the best craft beer possible. It’s imperative we choose the best combination of ingredients for each small batch created.  We do not subscribe to shortcuts on brew day and will not use artificial flavours or ingredients period. Each beer is preservative free and we're committed to using premium hops, malt, yeast and fruit.

The intention from day one is that our staff, customers and colleagues will hold us to the promise we have made in creating a fun, safe and enjoyable workplace. The respect we have for everyone’s contribution never went unspoken and that we’re always remembered for the pride and passion we put forth in building our dream in our very own backyard.

Our Story

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Our vision and mission was born out of the love of craft beer, need for connection and a drive to create something in our very own community. Friends for over 25 years, founders Kris Johnson, Jeff Hurkett and John Collins created the template in which Brookswood Brewing Company is built on. We promise to put pride and passion into everything we’re creating and are excited to gain more friends along the way!

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